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Naxos Information Technology, besides hiring employees, gladly provides missions and support for self-employed freelance consultants.

As a Freelance or would be freelance, Naxos IT provides you :


We organize our team of consultants, employee or freelance as a community. Our motto is : Exchange experience, help each other. And we provide the means (communication, meeting) to do it.


We analyze the suitability of your profile and expertise regarding the market status and demand.

We continuously monitor the market and identify the tendencies for the competencies expectations and daily rates. You can anticipate evolution and adjust.

Commercial support

Our IT technology highly aware commercial team is busy to prospect clients and seeks missions for consultants. As an employee or as a freelance, we consider you as a trusted business partner. Which ables you to focus on the most important: the satisfaction of the client, the perfection of your expertise and your personal development

Technical support

We organise courses for both employees and freelances, at minimum cost for the freelances.

Administrative support

We assist you in all the legal and administrative duties of self-employed people. Most helpful in the startup stage of your activity!